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  5. Hello Jenna,

    I was wondering if the brush you use for your firm brushing bends inwards when you press it against your scalp? I bought a wooden brush in a local pharmacy and started using it but noticed that the tips of the brush bend inwards due to the elastic base. Curious does the brush you recommend not bend at all at the base of the brush ends and is completely rigid?

    Let me know if its unclear!


  6. Mbaniya

    Hair shaft

    Hi @Rob (PHH)I just noticed that the tip of the hair shaft looks like a needle or thin at the tip, but not at the root. I wonder what causes that?
  7. How can I contact you directly about your brushing method?

    1. Stoeltzing31



      Sorry for the late response. More than happy to help clarify.

  8. hi! do you have a recommendation on which laser cap to get? what was your experience using? 

    1. shivam.sinha


      I have used iRestore basic and Revian LED. Revian is easy to use since it's wireless and controlled by your phone. In terms of results, I'm not sure if I've seen any benefits from either.

  9. I just realized that my hands and feet are just cold on the bare cause we constantly touch cold surfaces. wow.

    And that pushes my concerns on thyroid symptoms out.

  10. Just got my Full thyroid panel. Hoping I can get some assistants on this. @Pedro if you have a minute.


    1. Pedro


      Hey @Zachchelland!

      Everything checks out man. Your thyroid markers are really perfect and even tiny considerations like T3 uptake and reverse T3 were perfect. The TSH levels were also more or less okay and not something to be concerned about. Suggesting that thyroid disorders can be ruled out if this was a concern before.

    2. Zachchelland


      Hey! Thank you so much! Sounds good, i was just doing the oral thermometer and had low and mid and highs is it just more or less normal to fluctuate between a normal temp of 98.6? @Pedro. Thanks man.

      Im really trying to solve this all out i dont want to be bald I was 14 when this happen.

  11. Considering SIBO as a potential option as a chronic condition.

    I read on that if I have early-staged AGA with difussed thinning, then I might have issues with small Intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), which I think is true.


  12. Picsart_22-03-08_03-03-13-781.thumb.jpg.66fcf762f0b68f2dfa9deff8cdd26deb.jpgMy iron saturation was high and the only area that was out of range. 

    Does any one know what that would mean for me?

  13. I notice my feet have a orange colour actually ive began to recall that thats been something ive had growing up but not always. I do get brain fog to which leads to me questioning,

    Nutrient Surplus? 16466297320471459431237333383892.jpg

    1. Zachchelland


      Hey @Pedro, let me know what you think of the photo. My hands dont look like that by the way. And actually I notice my fingure nails have ridges, ive wondered what that meant? 

      My feet and hands get cold but mostly my feet. But never everyday.

  14. I just got my Iron panel test. One step closer.

    Staying progressive is progess.

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