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  4. Hi, Can you please provide the link for the wooden brush you use as the link on your member page doesn't seem to work.



  5. IMG_1288.thumb.jpeg.352b7fb310bc8bcef85e0992d4ca9590.jpeg

    2024 April 26

    Thought I’d make great progress at these times I imagined. Unfortunately here I am. Not bad still hold the same hair capacity since 2020.

    I just need to take magnesium 

    message my head

    stick with my Minoxidil/Dutasteride/Retinoic Acid/Hydrocortisone topical from https://www2.happyhead.com/lp/lp006d-v3?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=13573244816&utm_content=123968495019&utm_term=happy head&gad_source=1

    Take Food grade peroxide for SIBO for better gut health.

    And live happy healthy exciting lives and kick that stress out.

    And read more.

  6. I give up 

    1. Tariq


      Really! Why??

    2. Zachchelland


      I promise I won’t, but I just liked speaking it out feels good.

    3. Tariq


      I am sure that you will be happier when you see your profile going forward keep it up my friend 

  7. Is peroxide food grade a possibility for healing all SIBO problems? @Rob (PHH)

    This is the article I read and my dad had mentioned about this solution.


  8. Hi Dear 

    how r you 

    may I ask you how was your regime ? 
    Any updates in your progress? 

    1. Zachchelland


      My best progress was slowing or possibly stopping my hair loss. I haven’t seen a huge difference from my starting point till now only thicker hair possibly.

      Im not great at my posts and im not great with persistence on my regimen since 2023 I’ve only been persistent with using dutasteride.

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