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Welcome to the Perfect Hair Health community! Before you post, reply, or engage with users in any way, please read and agree to our guidelines:

  • BE KIND. We're entitled to our own opinions, so long as we communicate them thoughtfully and respectfully. Debate members on science, not character. Build counterarguments, not counter-attacks. Be polite, and be appreciative of others' time.
  • BE SPECIFIC. We're a science-oriented group. Accordingly, details matter. Broad questions like, "I'm balding. What do I do?" will go unanswered here, unless they are better contextualized. That same question will be useful to group-learning if the asker also provides information about their health and hair loss history, Norwood gradient, attempted treatments, what's worked, what hasn't, and what they're planning on doing next.
  • COMMIT TO LONG-FORM DISCUSSIONS. One-sentence answers are rarely helpful and will often lead to follow-up questions. Whenever possible, post questions or replies that are thoughtful, well-reasoned, and anticipate (and answer) follow-up questions before they're asked. This is the best way for all of us to continue to grow and learn.
  • CITE YOUR SOURCES. When giving advice, participating in debates, or issuing a scientific statement (i.e., "DHT causes hair loss"),  always cite your source material. Failure to do this will annoy everyone, and severely hinder the ability to learn and progress.
  • NO MARKETING, SELF-PROMOTION, OR AFFILIATE LINKS. This forum is a place to grow our understanding of hair loss so that we can seek treatments catered specifically to our needs. It's not a place to score a few sales with a scammy health product. Breaking this rule may result in an immediate ban. Our admins are very careful about any affiliate link shared within our community, and as such, this right is only reserved for them.

By engaging in our community, you agree to these guidelines!

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