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Rob (PHH)

A Trichogram is a semi-invasive method used in trichology to analyze the health of the scalp and hair in a fixed region. It is also commonly known as a "hair pull" test, or a "hair plucking" test. Typically, a trichologist or dermatologist will gather a small bundle of hairs and "yank" at them, causing a percentage of them to rip from the scalp. Then, the investigator will examine the base of the hair follicles to determine the percentage of hairs in each stage of the hair cycle: anagen (growing), catagen (resting), and telogen (shedding). The investigator will also often examine the hair lengths and thicknesses to determine the presence of hair follicle miniaturization. All of these metrics help to determine differential hair loss diagnoses ranging from telogen effluvium to androgenic alopecia to combination hair loss disorders.

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