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Vitamin E

Rob (PHH)

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Vitamin E is an essential vitamin and antioxidant found in olives, almonds, pumpkins, and wheat germ oil. Two common forms of vitamin E are tocopherols and tocotrienols – both of which are often added to natural-based hair loss supplements and topicals.

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Key insights:

  • Fewer than 1% of Americans are deficient in vitamin E.
  • One clinical study suggests that vitamin E supplements improve hair loss – albeit in Malaysian patients (where vitamin E deficiencies are more common) who have nondescript hair loss (i.e., not necessarily androgenic alopecia).
  • There are conflicting studies linking alopecia areata to vitamin E deficiencies.
  • There are safety concerns for long-term use of vitamin E – including an increased association with certain cancers.
  • Our experience tracking members is that vitamin E is not an effective hair loss treatment – at least as a mono therapy.
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