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Ginseng Root

Rob (PHH)

Name Ingredients:

Ginseng refers to 11 different types of plant that have roots used for multiple health benefits. Ginseng contains compounds called ginsenosides which have diverse properties that have the potential to be anticancer, antiaging, antioxidant, antiallergic, and antifatigue.

Key insights:

  • The in vitro evidence suggests that ginseng extracts can stimulate proliferation and inhibit cell death of outer root sheath keratinocytes (ORSKs) – the cells that make up the multilayered outer root sheath of the hair follicle.
  • The ex vivo evidence suggests that some ginseng extracts can promote mouse hair follicle growth in a dose-dependent manner. Furthermore, ginsenosides may enhance cell proliferation in both the growing and non-growing stages of the hair follicle cycle. 
  • The in vivo evidence suggests that topical application of ginsenosides can rescue hair growth after treatment with testosterone indicating that they may inhibit 5α-reductase (an enzyme known to be involved in the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone)
  • A clinical study found that red ginseng in combination with corticosteroids can increase hair thickness and hair density in patients with alopecia areata, relatively more than just corticosteroids alone. This increase was not statistically significant, however. Furthermore, combination with topical minoxidil significantly increased hair growth in patients with female pattern hair loss compared to minoxidil alone
  • Our experience tracking members: by itself, ginseng root is not enough to improve hair loss outcomes.
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