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Oleic Acid

Rob (PHH)

Name Ingredients:

Oleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid that can be synthesized in the body but can also be found in foods such as olives, nuts, and sesame seeds.

Key insights:

  • Rubber seed oil, which contains a high concentration of oleic acid, as well as other compounds (like linoleic, palmitic, and stearic acids) has been found to stimulate the growth of human dermal papilla cells at comparable levels to minoxidil and dutasteride. Furthermore, it has been found to have a similar antioxidant capacity as vitamin C, which may be beneficial to hair growth. Additionally, rubber seed oil was found to inhibit 5α-reductase to a moderate degree but less than minoxidil or dutasteride. Unfortunately, because the oil contained a number of ingredients, it is not possible to know if the effects were from oleic acid alone. Another in vitro study has found that oleic acid alone does not actually stimulate the growth of dermal papilla cells to a significant level and plateaued at ~10% cell proliferation rate at 30 𝛍g/ml with no increase afterward when the dosage was increased.
  • We could find no clinical evidence to support the use of oleic acid in hair growth in humans.
  • Our experience tracking members: by itself, oleic acid alone is not enough to improve hair loss outcomes.
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