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Rob (PHH)

Name Ingredients:

ProCelinyl is a molecule trademarked by a company called Revela that produces hair loss products. The company says the ProCelinyl was identified by using artificial intelligence to search databases of molecules that might help with aspects of hair regrowth. This ingredient is now used in their Hair Revival serum

Key insights:

  • The in vitro data suggests that ProCelinyl may assist in the differentiation of dermal papilla fibroblast cells – which many scientists consider to be a potentially important factor in improving hair growth. However, the concentration in the experiment is significantly lower than what is actually used in the Revela product. This presents an issue because, within their own white paper, Revela shows data to suggest that as the dosage of ProCelinyl increases in the Petri dishes, certain hair follicle cells might actually start proliferating less.
  • The only clinical data for ProCelinyl is presented in a white paper produced by the company itself. This is a problem because this work has been produced and published by people with a vested interest in the product, so they may not cast such a critical eye over the results that a third party might. In a 6-week consumer perception study, Revela said that 97% of women saw improvements in their hair, 82% saw a decrease in hair shedding, and no adverse events were recorded after using ProCelinyl. However, no attempts were made to count hair follicles, like using a phototrichogram, which means we must rely on how people felt about the product rather than objective results.
  • There is no actual published data to suggest that ProCelinyl promotes hair follicle growth.
  • It is not currently possible to buy Revela.
  • Our experience tracking members: ProCelinyl by itself is not enough to improve hair loss outcomes.
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