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Sulfur (MSM)

Rob (PHH)

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Sulfur, or methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), is a popular and well-researched sulfur-based supplement. MSM has previously been shown to have benefits for people with metabolic issues, low-sulfur diets, or environmental toxicities. MSM is also marketed as a hair growth supplement

Key insights:

  • The in vitro evidence suggests that MSM can suppress the JAK/STAT pathways implicated in hair loss disorders such as alopecia areata. However, this hasn’t been tested in actual cases of hair loss.
  • Recent in vivo (in mice) evidence suggests that MSM treatment can increase hair growth; however, this hasn’t been completed in humans. MSM may also assist in the penetration of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP), enhancing its ability to treat alopecia-like hair loss. Furthermore, MSM contributes to the synthesis and activity of sulfotransferases, which may also improve the efficacy of treatments like minoxidil, which rely on sulfotransferases to exert their effects.
  • In humans, there is a distinct lack of clinical evidence to suggest that MSM improves hair growth, however a number of trials have found MSM to reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in other areas of the body which may also benefit people with hair loss disorders.
  • Our experience tracking members shows sulfur alone is insufficient to improve hair loss outcomes.
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