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Rob (PHH)

Name Ingredients:

Inositol is a sugar found in food. It comes in nine forms, the most common being myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol. This ingredient is used in many cosmetic products, including those marketed toward hair growth.

Key insights:

  • There does not appear to be any in vivo or in vitro data supporting the use of this product for hair loss.
  • The clinical evidence suggests that daily myo-inositol can reduce hirsutism (unwanted excessive hair growth).
  • A further study found that two inositol treatments were able to reduce testosterone levels and induce a 20-70% reduction in hair loss in women over six months. However, the data is limited as only conference proceedings were available.
  • Our experience tracking members: inositol alone is not enough to improve hair loss outcomes.
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