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Bicalutamide is an anti-androgen drug that was originally developed to treat prostate cancer. It works similarly to flutamide but has a more favorable safety profile. Some clinicians have used it as an off-label treatment for female pattern hair loss (FPHL).

Key insights:

  • The in vitro (in cells) data shows that bicalutamide is a potent anti-androgen, also known as an androgen receptor antagonist, as it binds to the androgen receptor, stopping androgens like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone from binding and exerting their effects. 
  • The in vivo(in mice) evidence shows that in an androgen-induced hair loss mouse model (i.e., hair loss induced by high levels of dihydrotestosterone), topical bicalutamide treatment was able to partly reverse the hair loss effect, with more notable increases in hair growth when combined with minoxidil.
  • The clinical evidence suggests that bicalutamide is also a powerful anti-androgen in humans showing significant benefit to hair growth and a strong safety profile. However, of the people in these studies, only 11 women actually tested bicalutamide by itself, whereas the other participants tested it alongside other treatments like minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride and/or oral contraceptives (which can also have effects on androgen levels).
  • Our experience tracking members: by itself, bicalutamide alone is not enough to improve hair loss outcomes.
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