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  1. Just got my Full thyroid panel. Hoping I can get some assistants on this. @Pedro if you have a minute.


    1. Zachchelland


      Hey! Thank you so much! Sounds good, i was just doing the oral thermometer and had low and mid and highs is it just more or less normal to fluctuate between a normal temp of 98.6? @Pedro. Thanks man.

      Im really trying to solve this all out i dont want to be bald I was 14 when this happen.

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  2. I notice my feet have a orange colour actually ive began to recall that thats been something ive had growing up but not always. I do get brain fog to which leads to me questioning,

    Nutrient Surplus? 16466297320471459431237333383892.jpg

    1. Zachchelland


      Hey @Pedro, let me know what you think of the photo. My hands dont look like that by the way. And actually I notice my fingure nails have ridges, ive wondered what that meant? 

      My feet and hands get cold but mostly my feet. But never everyday.

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