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Regrowing Hairs

Rob (PHH)

Regrowing hairs are new (i.e., recovered) hairs that are growing out of the skin. They're usually spotted on phototrichogram examinations and can be used as an early indication that a treatment might be working.

Regrowing hairs (i.e., upright hairs) appear as follows:

  • Thinner at the tip, thicker toward the root. This is because when a hair follicle is forming and just beginning the produce a hair strand, that growth starts as thinner, then progressively transitions to thicker until it reaches its normal hair diameter (where it remains throughout the rest of its hair cycle).
  • Pigmented, rather than white and/or wispy. Pigment suggests melanin is being produced at the hair follicle base.
  • Upright and/or pointing straight out of the scalp. This is an indication that the new hair growth is strong enough to sustain its weight, and thus is likely not a vellus hair.


Check out this photo for an example (from Dr. Donovan):


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