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  1. Hello Jenna,

    I was wondering if the brush you use for your firm brushing bends inwards when you press it against your scalp? I bought a wooden brush in a local pharmacy and started using it but noticed that the tips of the brush bend inwards due to the elastic base. Curious does the brush you recommend not bend at all at the base of the brush ends and is completely rigid?

    Let me know if its unclear!


  2. How can I contact you directly about your brushing method?

    1. Stoeltzing31



      Sorry for the late response. More than happy to help clarify.

  3. Hair update. 




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    2. Rob (PHH)

      Rob (PHH)

      @Stoeltzing31 – great work! I'm so sorry for missing your updates (as they're only featured on your personal feed). In fact, I only found your photos accidentally while using the forum's search function for something unrelated.

      Is there anything I can do to help? I'm sure people would love to hear your story in the progress logs forum. But, you can always keep your updates here if it suits you ?

      Looking forward to seeing your new updates following iron supplementation. Please keep me posted.


    3. Jan


      thank you for the picture of the massage comb. I am trying most everything I think will help and not hurt. Good luck

      just looked on Amazon and found it but they don't say how to use it. Can you give some guidelines please? How long, amount of pressure and anything you think would be helpful.Thanks

    4. Stoeltzing31


      @Rob (PHH)

      I just posted an update on the message board. Since I won't renew my subscription, is there a closed Facebook group I can join, just to give you all updates? 


      I have posted an update on the message boards. ? I explain a little further about what I've been doing. Hope it helps. 

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