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  1. Hair update. 




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      Happy with the results so far. Left side is going to take longer than my right. Also, I had my hair highlighted, so the tiny blonde hairs are harder to see. I had lab work recently, and still my testosterone is on the higher side, and my ferritin level was at 18. My PCP recommended that I take iron since I was borderline. Also, she recommended that I eat a more Mediterranean style diet to help stabilize my insulin levels. Still on 500mg of metformin daily. 

      I have modified my daily massage as well. I use a very sturdy, widely spaced wooden comb/massager. I found that I was fatigued when doing the finger and palm massages, and decided to try the wide tooth comb and found that to be quite effective. I usually watch a TV show while massaging and don't have the arm fatigue. I'll attach a pic of the comb/massager in case anyone of interested in this method. I got it on amazon for around $12, I believe. 

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