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Hello- My name is Jenna, and I signed up today to gain knowledge and experience the support of this community. I am 31 years old, and I started noticing hair loss at around age 26. Around that time, while in college, I decided to become vegan, and that is when my hair started to get worse. I started getting acne along with my hair loss, so I contributed the fall out to nutritional deficiencies. 2.5 years later, I ditched veganism; however, my hair loss continued. The hair loss was not in a specific place, rather it was all over. I would be scared to wash my hair because I didn't want to see what had collected in the drain. Fast forward a couple of years, and I went through a stressful divorce, which definitely plays a role in hair health. Although I feel my hair fall is not as bad, I am now starting to see my scalp through my hair. Thinning hair is in my family. My mother has thin hair along with my grandmother and great-grandmother. Also adding to the fact that I am borderline pre-diabetic with recent labs have showing that I have high testosterone and low in progesterone. Even with all of these seemingly negative variables, I still feel positive in the fact I can improve the health of my scalp and hair.  

I can still style my hair to make it look like it's thicker, but if I don't take measures now, I might have 1 more year of being able to camouflage my scalp. I want to be able to have true recovery, but also have realistic expectations in these treatments.  I have not been diagnosed, but from what I have read in the book, I might have a combination of androgenic alopecia with hair shedding. 

I did my first scalp massage today, and I couldn't believe the tightness of my scalp. There were places where I couldn't pinch. I did the best with what I had to work with, and afterwards, my scalp felt amazing. 






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